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Main article: Geography of Suriname. Map of Suriname anno 2016. Suriname map of Köppen climate classification. Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America. Situated on the Guiana Shield, it lies mostly between latitudes 1 and 6N, and longitudes 54 and 58W.
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In addition to claiming the New River Triangle, Suriname also contests its border with Guyana along the Courantyne: Suriname claims sovereignty over the entire river and thus views its west bank as the border, while Guyana claims that the thalweg, or deepest channel of the river, is the boundary.
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Kaart van Suriname plattegrond van Suriname ViaMichelin.
U zoekt de kaart of de plattegrond van Suriname en omgeving? Zoek en vind het gewenste adres op de kaart van Suriname of bereken een route van of naar Suriname, zoek en vind alle toeristische bezienswaardigheden en restaurants uit de Michelin Gids in of in de buurt van Suriname.
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Geschiedenis van Suriname. Bevolkingsgroepen in Suriname. Reisgidsen over Suriname. Op avontuur in Suriname. Suriname op Google Maps. Op Google Maps is nu een uitgebreide landkaart aanwezig van Suriname! Niet langer is Suriname op Google Maps vooral een groot, leeg en grijs vlak.
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Print this map. Arawak and Carib Indians lived on the northern edges of South America for centuries. In 1498, the Spanish explorer, Alonso de Ojeda accompanying Columbus on his second voyage to the New World is generally considered the first European to discover what is now called Suriname.
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More maps in Suriname. Map of the world. Map of Africa. Map of Asia. Map of Central America. Map of Europe. Map of Middle East. Map of North America. Map of Pacific. Map of South America. Lonely Planet's' guide to Suriname.
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