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Flag of Suriname image and meaning Suriname flag country flags.
Flag of Suriname. The Suriname flag is a fimbriated horizontal bicolour triband with emblem. The used colors in the flag are red, green, yellow, white. The proportion of the Suriname flag is 23. The Flag of Suriname was adopted in 1975.
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Suriname Flag National flag of Suriname colors meaning history.
National flag ensign. The national flag of Suriname consists of five horizontal bands of green top, double width, white, red quadruple width, white, and green double width with a yellow, five-pointed star centered in the red band. Suriname Flag symbolism meaning.
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Suriname Flags of countries.
Flag to insert on websites. a hrefhttp//flagpedia.net/surinameimg: altFlag" of Suriname" src//flagpedia.net/data/flags/mini/sr.png" width30" height20" //a. Small picture of a flag with shadow. a hrefhttp//flagpedia.net/surinameimg: altFlag" of Suriname" src//flagpedia.net/data/flags/small/sr.png" width120" height80" //a. Great Image of the Flag. a hrefhttp//flagpedia.net/surinameimg: altFlag" of Suriname" src//flagpedia.net/data/flags/normal/sr.png" width550" height367" //a.
Suriname Flags and Symbols and National Anthem.
Print this map. The current flag of Suriname was officially adopted on November 25, 1975. The white represents freedom and justice and the red and green were the colors of the political parties during independence. The gold star symbolizes unity and hope. Larger Suriname flag.
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Racing Formula 1. Coat of arms Coat of arms. Cities and States. SURINAME VECTOR FLAG. Premium vectors by Shutterstock. FLAG OF THE REPUBLIC OF SURINAME, A COUNTRY IN THE NORTHEASTERN SOUTH AMERICA. Central and South America. Contributed by Rob Meredith.
In 1795 the Society of Suriname is liquidated, and the colony is governed by the Raad der Colonien Council of Colonies. New arms are adopted, consisting of the three-master, flying a Dutch flag with R.v.S. for Raad van Suriname Council of Suriname.
Flag of Suriname Britannica.com.
The Suriname national flag is consequently different from those of surrounding countries, although it generally resembles other new flags of the Caribbean region. As an autonomous territory under Dutch rule, Suriname in 1959 hoisted a white flag that bore a black ellipse.
Vlag van Suriname Wikipedia.
Vlag van de Gouverneur van Suriname van 1959 tot 1975. De nationale vlag van Suriname is de vlag van de Republiek Suriname. Hij werd officieel in gebruik genomen op 25 november 1975, bij de viering in het sportstadion van het bereiken van de onafhankelijkheid van het land.
Flag of Suriname Wikipedia.
The flag of Suriname is formed by five horizontal bands of green top, double width, white, red quadruple width, white, and green double width. There is a large, yellow, five-pointed star centered in the red band. The flag was adopted on November 25, 1975, upon the independence of Suriname.
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Flags of the World. Free Suriname Flag Graphics, Vector Images, and PDF Files. Suriname flag downloads including pictures in GIF, JPG, and PNG formats in small, medium, and large sizes. Vector files are available in AI, EPS, and SVG format.

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